How do I redeem Bonus Store Points?


You now earn Bonus Store Points for every real money wager you make on our site! These points can be redeemed in our Bonus Store for real Bonus Money rewards! 

To redeem those points in the Bonus Store please follow the instructions below! 

 Step 1:
Please click your icon at the top of the page.


 Step 2:
Click on the Bonus Store link in the My Account drop-down.


Step 3:
At the top of the page you will see how many Bonus Store points you have to redeem.

mceclip0.pngStep 4:
Once you choose what reward you would like you would click the "Redeem Now" button below the prize. In the example we chose the $1-$10 Scratch Card.


Step 5:
Once you have successfully purchased the item you will receive the following message and you will be able to retrieve the Scratch Card or Wheel Spin you purchased in the My Account drop-down. (Please note: selecting Guaranteed Bingo Tokens will guarantee you invites into the next Bingo game you are online for)


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